Ditch the plastic and switch to a more environmentally friendly type of bag with our Personalised bags.

We include elements of your branding, such as your company name, logo and brand colours along with contact details to provide the recipient with a constant reminder of you and give them a simple and easy way for them to get in touch.

This means that when they require your services in the future, your name will be the first that springs to mind, and your contact details will be right in front of them.


Kraft Bags

Pick up your Paper Packaging Bags from Kanda Print have them personalised in full colour with your brand and logos! A modern and stylish recyclable way to pack any number of items.

East Midlands Print Experts.

Our comprehensive print solutions encompass all aspects of design and print; from initial design concepts, right through to delivering the final printed product.

At Kanda Print, we offer sample proofs at every stage of the project, so you can rest assured that the finished product will not only meet but exceed your expectations.

With our wealth of experience in the design and print industry, we always listen to our customers’ requirements and take great pride and dedication in producing the best possible work for them.

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